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You can do yoga inside at home, come join us outside. All our Yoga Las Palmas classes occur outside at numerous locations. The meetup spot is typically outside The Couple coffee shop located on Las Canteras Beach. Yet, on Wednesdays, we meet at the wooden platforms of Playa Las Alcaravaneras.

On Mondays and Fridays, yoga starts at 8:30 am just outside of The Couple. This session includes a twenty-minute silent meditation walk along the scenic Atlantic coastline. On these days we practice at the stunning Playa de El Confital.

Monday to Friday, yoga begins at 9:30 am outside The Couple. This session doesn’t include a meditation walk. Rather, it’s a 90 minute class conducted at the iconic Las Canteras Beach. We usually practice on the wooden platforms closest to our meetup spot.

Wednesdays start at 8:00 am and the meetup spot is not The Couple. On this day we meet where we practice, at the wooden platforms of Playa Las Alcaravaneras. This spot provides a stunning urban environment to practice yoga.

We offer regular free donation outdoor/beach yoga classes and private yoga sessions. Others may refer to our classes as Pay What You Can or Good Karma classes. If you cannot donate money we kindly ask for a nice review on Google or Tripadvisor. Our classes are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the private sessions come to you anywhere on Gran Canaria.

Please note that the weather conditions control the day’s plans. Hence, we may prefer to do yoga on the wooden platforms, but end up elsewhere due to the wind. This is why it is important to be at the meetup spot on time.

What to bring? we suggest you bring a yoga mat, a towel and/or blanket, athletic clothing, sunscreen, and some water. Shavasana can be a chilly time, ensure your clothing is appropriate. Also, respect the weather but don’t fear it as it’s often perfect for yoga even though it may seem otherwise.

Yoga Las Palmas what to bring

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What We’re About

¡Hola Las Palmas Yoga Lovers! We offer regular free donation outdoor/beach Las Palmas yoga classes and private yoga lessons. Others may refer to our Yoga Las Palmas classes as Pay What You Can or Good Karma classes. Our private lessons, Yoga Comes to You, will come to you anywhere on Gran Canaria.

No matter if you are a beginner or a yogi our yoga is right for you. We practice Sivananda Yoga which can be as easy or as challenging as you make it. Revitalize the mind and body, with our perfect combination of breathing and postures.

Our Teachers

Las Palmas Yoga Class Instructors

Our certified Sivananda Yoga teachers are from Poland and Germany. However, they now live and teach in beautiful Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They speak a variety of languages including Polish, German, Italian, Russian, and Czech.

Las Palmas Yoga Instructor Mila

Milena (Nadapriya)

MA Physical Education, organizer of Yoga Holidays with more than 20 years of practice in yoga. Dance and pilates trainer, and since 2009 an International Yoga Teacher. Her knowledge and positive thinking make her teaching an invaluable experience.

Las Palmas Yoga Instructor Dawid


Entertaining and making people happy has always been his desire. Not only is he a certified yoga teacher, he is also a professional entertainer. His joy and empathy makes for classes filled with good aura and positive energy.

Las Palmas Yoga Instructor Matteo


Helping people who are in search for work-life balance is what drives him. After building his successful business he found himself with health problems. His life lessons make his teaching humble and relatable to many of us.

Private Lessons

Yoga Comes to You

Are you on a vacation and want a private yoga lesson? want to bring your partner? Contact us to arrange a “Yoga Comes to You” appointment. We teach all over the island including Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, and Agaete.

The “Yoga Comes to You” service includes a certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher at the location of your choice. The session can take place at your home, a park, or a beach it’s up to you. Contact Us today to book a session.

Map of Gran Canaria

Five Points of Yoga

Swami Vishnudevananda condensed the essence of the yoga teachings into five principles for physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth. These are the core teachings of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and Ashrams.

Proper exercise (Asanas)
Enhances the flexibility of the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The asanas improve circulation, massage the internal organs and improve organ function. A flexible and strong spine enhances blood circulation and keeps the body young and powerful.

Proper breathing (Pranayama)
Connects the body to its battery, the solar plexus, which is an enormous reservoir of energy. Deep, conscious breathing boosts our daily energy reserves – stress and many diseases (for example, depression) can be alleviated in this way.

Proper relaxation (Savasana)
Proper relaxation is an excellent cooling system, comparable to that of an automobile. It’s the most natural way of re-energizing the body. Relaxation is so important because the body and mind cannot perform well under constant stress. To control and balance body and mind, one has to use the body’s energy efficiently. This is the main motivation for learning how to relax.

Proper diet (vegetarian)
The yogic diet is lacto-vegetarian and consists mainly of grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and dairy products. A vegetarian diet is wholesome, easy to digest and supplies the body with a maximum amount of nutrients and energy. In general, we should select food items that are as fresh and natural as possible (no preservatives or artificial flavours), ideally organic and non-GM foods. Careful preparation of the food is essential to retain a maximum amount of nutrients. Long storage, refinement or overcooking destroys many vital components of our food.

Positive thinking and meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana)
Positive thinking and meditation are the keys to peace of mind. Meditation is the method used to calm and focus the mind. Regular practice promotes not only mental equanimity, but physical and spiritual well-being as well. Before we can meditate, though, we need to center the mind through concentration techniques and positive thinking. A mind full of negative thoughts and feelings is hard to calm down.

An easy way to remember the five points of Yoga is by using a car as a metaphor. An automobile requires five things: lubricating system, proper exercises; battery, proper breathing; cooling system, proper relaxation; fuel, proper diet; and responsible driving, positive thinking and meditation.


Saying Hello




Do you have any questions about yoga in Las Palmas, our services, our team, or our site? Do you have any comments or ideas you would like to share? Please send us a message on social media. We love to hear from our customers and get their opinions!

Our address or regular meeting spot is Calle Alfredo L Jones, 46, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain.


I am a beginner? Am I welcome to attend?
Everyone has to start somewhere! We provide classes for every body! Multiple options are given for each pose so you can work where you feel comfortable.

What should I wear?
Breathable clothing that you can move comfortably and freely in. Feel free to wear a bathing suit as you may want to jump in the ocean after class!!! Sunscreen is also highly recommended!

Where are the classes held?
Check-in for class will be in front of The Couple at Las Canteras beach. The Couple is a little coffee shop near the public restrooms at the beach. Please arrive five minutes prior to class for checked in.

Is there parking available nearby?
Plenty of free parking is available throughout Las Canteras. Parking on Calle Alfredo L Jones or Calle Tomás Miller will be nearest to the Beach Yoga check-in and classes.

Are there yoga mats available?
We have a very limited supply of mats available for a $2 rental.

What is the cancellation policy due to weather?
Classes will be canceled if the temperature is below 15º or above 35º degrees and also in the case of rain or extreme wind. Cancellations will be posted on Instagram and Facebook at least 30 minutes prior to class time.

Is there anywhere to store my personal items?
Beach Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please bring all items and valuables to class with you as we do not have a storage facility and are unable to hold any items. Thank You!

What levels are the classes and what style?
Our teachers give a wonderful beach yoga class suited to all levels.

How long is the yoga class?
Classes are usually 90 minutes long, depending on the teacher. If you need to leave early or arrive late just let the teacher know if you can.

Do i need a reservation?
No reservations are needed. Just show up.

Is there a limit to how many students can attend?
There is no limit to the size of the class but if you are a large group it may be better to have a private session. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer private classes?
Yes we do. Please contact us for more information.

Are there hotels/hostels in the area?
Yes, there are many. A simple google search will show some close to our location.